Reedbeds for Sewage Treatment

Vertical flow reedbeds can solve problems of septic tanks. Often septic tank outflows can become blocked. Adding Reedbed Filtration to the outflows of the septic tank provides additional and suitable treatment of waterflows. Using the vertical flow means that outflows from the septic tank can flow as normal.

Reedbed Filtration is a low cost, highly effective, long lasting system, where there is no standing water and therefore no smell. No other system works better, few work as good, and none at these prices. 

Where septic tanks need additional treatment to meet up to date EA standards, the addition of vertical flow reedbeds solve the problems quickly and efficiently.

- Our Reedbeds are Vertical Flow, Modulated waste water treatment systems
- There is no standing water, there is no smell
- No other system works better, few work as good, and none at these prices

For Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment, throughout the UK

- For single homes
- Multiple dwellings
- Caravan and Camp Sites
- Holiday Homes
- Acid Mine Water
- Small Breweries
- Golf Course Vehicle Washdown  
- Fruit Farms
- Vegetable Waste Waters
- Motorway Run-off
- Factory Waste Waters
- Quarry Water

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems SUDS 
Absolutely All You Need to Know About Reedbed Filtration and SUDS (sustainable drainage systems)

Reedbed Flood Alleviation Lagoons for housing developments in flood plains.

- Avoid all of the problems of open water lagoons
- Provide dynamic working systems
- Provide valuable natural habitat
- Can lead to environmental awards
- Can help gain planning for the whole development
- High performance, Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Long lasting, natural systems

We can have development in balance with nature. This dynamic natural system allows water to do as it does, in a manageable way.

More About Reedbeds

Reedbed Filtration Waste Water Treatment Systems work on a flowrate that is a little and often, and not anything and everything all at once!

Reed plants grow in springtime, usually during May. Of course this does depend on the weather and climate, which changes year to year. The main growth is during June and July.

So when you look at your Reedbed in March and there seems to be a lack of plant growth, don’t panic, I haven’t sold you dead grass and mud. The outflow should still be exactly as expected, and totally unaffected by top growth of the plants. Vertical Flow Reedbed Filtration Systems work well all year round.

Reedbed Quote Information That We Require

- How many people or daily volumes?
- Is there a slope? Or do we need to lift with a pump?
- Where will the outflows go to? Is there a ditch or stream? Do we need a living soakaway?
- When is this work likely to be done?

Melvyn Rutter BSc Hons, Reedbed Consultant, would be willing to make a free site visit providing you are genuinely interested in having a reedbed. If you then end up having a change of mind then Yorkshire Ecological Solutions would charge a visiting fee of £150.

We would make a site visit based on this agreement.

We can build household systems within a day, we make a return visit to make sure your system is established. Should you have any problems with your reedbed, we are happy to advise you, if you request a visit we will charge a call out fee.  It is important that Vertical Flow Reedbed Filtration Systems work well and the customer is satisfied.

"It costs nothing to call to have a chat about waste water problems. Between us we should be able to find solutions, and save a few bob in the process. No heavy sales pitch. I always leave you with time to consider your options.
Always happy to offer free advice"