This Welsh Visitor Centre had a reedbed built in 2008

The site has developed and visitor numbers have grown.

The original reedbed was built as a 200m² system. This was divided into 2 parallel systems, each with a top and bottom bed. So there are 4 beds in total. 

These plants are more than 2m tall. The additional reedbed system will allow the site to develop Luxury Tents / Glamping units.

Ice Cream Waste Waters, Bridlington

This reedbed was built to filter settled ice cream waste waters. The problems with every waste water treatment is none can effectively filter fats. Ice cream waste is full of "cream". Once this settles in a 3 tier settlement tank, the outflows from the water column, are then filtered in this vertical flow reedbed.

Brewery Waste, Preston

This reedbed was built to effectively filter brewery waste, and domestic waste waters. Washing out the kegs is the major producer of waste waters. This may only happen once a week. The reedbed needs to be set up for the maximum daily flows. So the brewery can expand to 4 brews a week, increasing the number of time washing out kegs, and the reedbed will still be well able to cope with the maximum daily flows.

Surface Waters Treatment, King's Lynn

This reedbed was built early 2006. Surface waters circulated round and round the reedbed system. The excess from heavy rains, would flow to the nearby lake. Problems with the lake, meant flows to it were halted. So we needed to have a living soakaway, to deal with 1 to 3m3 per week. The re-circulation of the waters are to keep the reedbed wet, during dry periods, so that it is alive to deal with rainfall situations. The site produces carbohydrates and starches. Surface waters flow clean from the reedbed. The new company owners had no info how or what the reedbed does. So a search found me, 16 years after I built the system. Imagine trying to find the person who did you a job 16 years ago. This week we have been updating how the system works, and solving current and historical problems. Reedbeds - low cost, highly effective, and long lasting natural systems.

"It costs nothing to call to have a chat about waste water problems. Between us we should be able to find solutions, and save a few bob in the process. No heavy sales pitch. I always leave you with time to consider your options.
Always happy to offer free advice"